Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - Start: 8:00 PM

The play of the rich man’s dying by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival, 2004, Cathedral Square – in German). A production of ORF & “Jedermann Remixed”, the film by Hannes Rossacher, 2011.

Peter Simonischek in the title role and Jens Harzer as Death in “Jedermann”.
Peter Simonischek in the title role and Jens Harzer as Death in “Jedermann”.
This evening unites the 2004 production of Jedermann with Hannes Rossacher’s 2011 film Jedermann Remixed. In Christian Stückl’s successful new interpretation of Jedermann of 2002, Veronica Ferres embodies the Paramour, Jens Harzer plays Death and Peter Simonischek the rich, death-bound wastrel Jedermann (Everyman) who is called before God’s throne to account for his reprobate life. At the time, Christian Stückl broke with some of the long-standing Salzburg performance traditions regarding Jedermann, focusing instead on the fundamental, Christian core of the mystery play: what is man in the face of death? Afterwards Hannes Rossacher’s film Jedermann Remixed presents a performance of Hofmannsthal’s classic which never actually took place in this form: by mounting together various recordings from several decades, a Salzburg Jedermann ensemble appears whose famous members all performed on Cathedral Square, but at different times, so they can only be seen together in this daring mixture of various scenes, straight through play’s performance history. The result is a jigsaw for cultural historians: from Alexander Moissi to Nicholas Ofczarek.


Director: Christian Stückl | Duration: 100 Minutes | Featuring: Peter Simonischek (Jedermann), Veronica Ferres (Paramour), Jens Harzer (Death), Tobias Moretti (Devil), Rudolf Wessely (God), Elisabeth Rath (Good Works)