Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - Start: 8:00 PM

Jedermann 1983

Helmuth Lohner as a perfect Devil.
Helmuth Lohner as a perfect Devil.
In memory of the recently deceased performer Helmuth Lohner the Siemens Festival>Nights show the great Jedermann-production by Ernst Haeussermann from 1983, in which Lohner represents a brilliant Devil. He is surrounded by an exquisite line-up of star actors: Austria’s exceptional actor Klaus Maria Brandauer plays the rich bonvivant whom God calls before his throne to account for himself. Marthe Keller is the Paramour, Will Quadflieg embodies the voice of the Lord, Susi Nicoletti is Jedermann’s Mother, Romuald Pekny pays a call in the role of Death, Karlheinz Hackl appears as the Good Companion and Alfred Böhm makes a wonderful Fat Cousin.


Director: Ernst Haeussermann | Duration: ca. 103 minutes | Featuring: Klaus Maria Brandauer (Jedermann), Marthe Keller (Paramour), Will Quadflieg (God), Romuald Pekny (Death), Karlheinz Hackl (Good Companion), Helmuth Lohner (Devil)