Sunday, August 26, 2018 - Start: 8:00 PM

Musical drama in one act by Richard Strauss (Salzburg Festival 2018, Felsenreitschule – in German). A co-production by ORF, 3sat and UNITELL

Asmik Grigorian sings the role of Salome.
Asmik Grigorian sings the role of Salome.
The Italian director Romeo Castellucci, an expert at confronting the audience with astounding, even disturbing visual realms, directs Salome at the Felsenreitschule for the 2018 Salzburg Festival. In 1903, Strauss set to music the former scandalous hit play by Oscar Wilde about the tragedy of a femme fatale who became the epitome of perverted lust. Romeo Castellucci, who has the unusual gift of producing images pulsating with knowledge of the subconscious, transforms the figure of Salome into the true pivot, the fire that animates all that is present, and which in the dance of the seven veils flares up and is consumed. Castellucci conceives Salome as a “tragedy of the gaze”: different visual constellations come into effect as an expression of desire, oscillating between the fascination of looking and that of being looked at. He is planning a condensed, “minimal Salome, one that will have its effect through omission,” says Castellucci. “Desire is so interesting because it speaks to the innermost of each of us. In Salome, we are truly looking at ourselves.”


Conductor: Franz Welser-Möst | Director: Romeo Castellucci | Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic | Duration: 100 Minuten| Featuring: John Daszak (Herodes), Anna Maria Chiuri (Herodias), Asmik Grigorian (Salome), Gábor Bretz (Jochanaan), Julian Prégardien (Narraboth)