Thursday, July 29, 2021 - Start: 8:00 PM

Opera in four acts by Giacomo Puccini (Salzburg Festival 2012, Großes Festspielhaus – in Italian). A co-production of UNITEL CLASSICA, NHK, ORF and ZDF

Anna Netrebko as Mimì and Piotr Beczała as Rodolfo in Puccinis La Bohème.
Anna Netrebko as Mimì and Piotr Beczała as Rodolfo in Puccinis La Bohème.
One of the world´s most frequently performed operas, Giacomo Puccini´s La Bohème, was seen and heard in all its glory for the last time at the Salzburg Festival in 2012. The star cast promised – and delivered – brilliance, featuring Anna Netrebko as Mimi and Piotr Beczala as Rodolfo under conductor Daniele Gatti. Described by the critics as a production full of "arioso highlights" and "gleaming notes", the new Artistic Director Alexander Pereira was out to "break the spell which has inexplicably been cast by the Salzburg Festival against Giacomo Puccini. Since this Festival´s founding, no work of his has been performed on stage here, except for one Tosca and one Turandot." There hardly is a plot in the stricter sense in this opera. As in a movie, scenes, images and impressions pass the viewer´s eye fleetingly. Momentary images show the friendship between four young individualists in the metropolis Paris: the writer Rodolfo, the philosopher Colline, the painter Marcello and the musician Schaunard. Rodolfo introduces fragile Mimi into this artists´ idyll. The Italian director Damiano Michieletto was primarily out to find a contemporary form for the story, capturing the attitude of young people today who stand up for their passions, follow their visions and dare to seek out new paths for their art – even if the result is a grandiose failure.


Conductor: Daniele Gatti | Director: Damiano Michieletto | Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic | Duration: 124 Minutes | Featuring: Piotr Beczała (Rodolfo), Anna Netrebko (Mimì), Massimo Cavalletti (Marcello), Nino Machaidze (Musetta), Alessio Arduini (Schaunard), Carlo Colombara (Colline)