Saturday, August 14, 2021 - Start: 5:30 PM

The tale of the rich man´s dying by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Salzburg Festival 2004, Domplatz - in German). An ORF production

Peter Simonischek as eponymous hero and Jens Harzer as Death in Jedermann
Peter Simonischek as eponymous hero and Jens Harzer as Death in Jedermann
Hofmannsthal’s play of the rich man’s dying, performed in front of the sumptuous facade of Salzburg’s Cathedral, has long been and remains the annual audience favourite at the Salzburg Festival. World stars from Curd Jürgens to Maximilian Schell have performed this role. In Christian Stöckl’s successful reinterpretation of Jedermann in 2002, Peter Simonischek plays the rich bonvivant Jedermann, destined for death, who is called before God’s throne to account for his debauched life. Christian Stöckl’s acclaimed new interpretation breaks with some of the Salzburg performance traditions established for many years, poignantly emphasizing the basic Christian content of the mystery play: what is man in the face of death? God the Lord appears himself as a poor neighbour, a homeless man with plastic bags, the lowliest of our brothers. Stöckl removes death from the sphere of a far-away allegory, turning him into a real, full-blooded antagonist for Jedermann. The film star Veronica Ferres plays the role of the Paramour, and Tobias Moretti, a spectacular Devil, also doubles as the Good Companion: friend and seducer in one.


Director: Christian Stückl | Duration: ca. 100 minutes | Featuring: Peter Simonischek (Jedermann), Veronica Ferres (Paramour), Jens Harzer (Death), Tobias Moretti (Devil), Rudolf Wessely (God), Elisabeth Rath (Good Deeds)